Swenden here I come! :D


Tomorrow is the BIG day. I’m going home 😀 I’ve been packing and cleaning, packing, packing, packing and cleaning for like 3 days now… I hope Ill manage to get everything home.. Some trouble with the hand luggage but I hope its ok now.. Have to check on that again before I’m going tomorrow… Pretty nervous and my stomach is up side down for the moment..

The next time u will here from me will be from Sweden 😀

So for now it’s good bye United Kingdom!


Ceramic Teacher.

Today I woke up at 07.00.. cus I had to go to the school (ceramic) if I wanted to get everything finish until NEXT Thursday. YES one week! Hihi.
One more bus incident, rain, wind, feeling of sickness (probably cus I didn’t eat any proper breakfast but also cus Im a bit nervous about the journey back home).. Actually Im going to miss my ceramic teacher a lot, he is really nice… hmm.. aii aii


9 Days!

Yes I feel so good now! NOT! I was writing a message but suddenly al of it disappeared. :S

Im too angry now to write it all over again so Im just going to say the important stuff.. hmm.. Yeah I think it was that Im coming home in 9 days.. hmm yeah. 😛


London Baby!!!


Hmm as I said last time I wrote, I went to Issa. We took the bus to London on Saturday morning at 07.00. We decided to go to al the buildings that were worth seeing first. So the first thing we saw was Buckingham Palace. Actually we didn’t understand that it was Buckingham Palace first 😛 we just accidentally got there.. Behind the high fences there was a guard with a machine gun. I took a photo of him and he looks straight into my camera, really scary… :p
Then, after a lot of pictures taken, we walked through St James Park and suddenly we could se Big Ben between the houses. It was really cool and I probably got around 100 photos of it ;). We also saw Westminster Abby, both of the buildings were really beautiful.

After that we decided to take a trip on London Eye. Oh My Good! For al of you that don’t know what that is – it’s the biggest ferris wheel ever! Actually its 145 m high and it takes 30 minutes to go one turn. So we stood in the queue for an hour to get tickets, but it was worth it. It was a breathtaking experience! I took a lot of pictures over the city and just enjoyed the view 😀

After that amazing ride we walked by Trafalgar Square and went eating and then shopping. We also met an old friend and took a cup of coffee with him at Starbucks.

After al of this it was time to go back to Southampton. Back there we prepared for a night out. A glass of wine and sum music 🙂  The thing we went to was called “Fat Poppadaddy” hehe, it was a university thing, it was ok. I was really tired when we got back home. Issa lives in a student corridor so we sat in the corridor and talked for a while with the other students until I fell a sleep on the floor 😛 …

Sunday: went shopping in Southampton, got clothes for New Years Eve! Sweet!! In the evening Issa and I sat in the kitchen listening to Christmas music with a glass of wine. It was the ultimate ending of the trip. 🙂

Yeah, think that’s it. I’m really tired today, I think its cus of al the walking and late nights. But I had fun 😀

Ohh soon I’m back home in Sweden. I can’t wait! 😀 BYE