The 21th of December!!

Hmm.. its been a while.. don’t know why actually.. Anyway, I’m to tired to tell u anything.. but I just wanna say that I’m going home the 21th of December 😀
And tomorrow at 17.55 its
Southampton time. Yes I’m going to Issa again.. We are going to London on Saturday!! Its gonna be great!!

So hmm.. I have to go to sleep.. I might tell sum about the weekend while I’m in Southampton..



1 kommentar

  1. Pappa said,

    december 1, 2006 den 8:47 f m

    Hälsa Issa och se till att ni har/får en trevlig helg i Southampton och London.
    Här får du också en hel hög med kramar och glada tillrop 🙂 🙂 🙂


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