What about al these buspeople??!!!

Yesterday I took the bus downtown to meet Kasia. There was a lady at the bus stop and she started talking to me.. Friendly I thought.. And when we went of the bus she asked for my email, I thought she was a cute lady who wanted to have contact with a girl like me from Sweden, and I didn’t mind.. But when she said that I was pretty and that she had 2 grandsons who were really nice and they were NOT married I new that there was something more behind :P. Basically she picked up my email for her grandsons.. Ehm.. You are probably laughing now if you know that I have a “problem” with these buspeople.. They seem friendly at first but there’s always a catch! And why do I always bump in to them??

Anyway, I met Kasia and we took a coffee at Starbucks, actually a coffè mocha (Delicious mocha chocolate, espresso, steamed milk and whipped cream. No cold or sad day can resist its power). We sat there for a while and then we went out to see when they switched on the Christmas lights. Everything looked really expensive cus there was a big scene and live bands, a lot of Christmas lights al over the city, around 4 huge TV screens that showed the livebands and there was FAKE snow (foam) that was flying in the air! Even though I thought it was too early for al of this it was fun to see how the people are celebrating Christmas in another country.

I started to watch a film called “The French Line” on TV today but I didn’t had the time to finish it cus I had to get the children.. It was from 1954 I think, very nice.

Oooh I haven’t really told u guys yet that I’m going back home to Christmas.. Probably the 22th of December. Just so u know 😀



2 kommentarer

  1. Roffe said,

    november 22, 2006 den 4:20 e m

    Hello Rebecca
    I see that you are writing in english and in my eyes it looks very good. I have been in Florida on vacation for 2 weeks and I and Anna had a great time, we spent a lot of time on the beach and we saw many dophins but no aligators.

    I only read your last message and it seems that you have a great time and that is fun to hear.


  2. Kusin Gustav said,

    november 24, 2006 den 3:39 e m

    Hoppas du har det bra.
    Själv är jag lite risig och varit hemma från skolan.
    Men jag längtar till imorgon för då fyller jag år.
    Synd att du inte kan komma .=(.
    Jag önskar mig en dator,pengar,en radiostyrdbil,rullskor & en trolleribok för kort.
    Om rullskorna,det är inte vanliga inlines för dom skorna har ett hjul på hälen.
    Kusin Gustav

    PS.Mamma,Pappa och calle hälsar.


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