I’m like a sponge!

Hehe.. Well.. I went to Kasia in the evening.. I was al dressed up for a night out but we stayed at home. We actually started watching Marry Poppins! It was hilarious 😀 !!! Haven’t seen that movie for ages. Anyway we didn’t watch the whole film cus we went upstairs to her room and started talking instead.. Maa gaaad it was funny.. She is really nice. At 22.50 we walked to the bus cus I was heading back home.. The thing was that the bus didn’t got there the time I that it would.. So we stood there for around half an hour, but it was ok cus we bought kebab and had fun :p
When I walked from the bus home there was a man in front of me on the road and he stopped and started talking to me. He obviously had went on the same bus as I so he asked me if I have had a nice day out etc etc.. (he was a nice guy not a disgusting one, its better that I say that so u know :p). We talked about the buses, cus the last bus stops going around half past eleven and we both thought that was really stupid, cus al the nightclubs are closing around 2-3 so u have to take a taxi home.. So we were just complaining 😛

Anyway, my feet are al soaked cus in a strange way they get really wet in al of my shoes.. They are like sponges.. :S really annoying.

That is it for tonight.. I’m tired and I’m going to bed now.. But tomorrow its Sion Corn Sunday and Switching on the Christmas Lights night. Its when they are turning on the lights on the Christmas tree in town.. And Swansea Christmas Craft Market is opening tomorrow as well. Sweet! I will meet Laureen and Kasia down town for a coffee and some Christmas shopping maybe and we will watch it when they are turning the lights on.

Kiss kiss.



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