Issa, Cardiff and Party Balloon!! :D

Hello. Its been a while since I wrote last time.. sorry.

Well, this weekend was really great. Issa came to visit me 🙂 and we went to Cardiff on Saturday morning and stayed all day. It was nice and I bought shoes (yes I know I already have a lot of shoes.. :p), gloves and a bracelet.. Not much but it was quite expensive al of it. We ate fish and chips and took a coffee at Starbucks. And we manage to eat some of the cakes that we ordered on Starbucks as well, ma gaaaad it was good but very solid (vet ej om solid är rätt ord)..
We took a lot of pictures during the time in
Cardiff and a lot on the bus back home. The bus got late half an hour cus there was a rugby match at the same time which caused a lot of traffic. But a boring bus trip home resulted in an awesome night out in Swansea. (We took a taxi from the bus station home and the taxi driver thought that we were sisters, and that was really funny cus we had just talked about that on the bus :P) Anyway!!! Back home we changed clothes and went to Kasia for a kind of a pre party. Then we walked in to town to Monkeys. We also went to Idols, Que Pasa, Yates and Walkabout. But when we came to Que Pasa Kasia took a taxi back home and Issa and I ordered a Party Balloon – “Sex on the beach”. It was a drink for four people but the bartender said that they didn’t have any glass left so we had to drink it from the jug. Ive never seen such a big drink in my whole life, but we manage to drink it up 😀
Back home we fell asleep right away.
On Saturday morning my head felt a bit heavy but we took a walk down to the sea. We picked shells and swore at those fucking dogs that were running around us without a leash!!!! We walked in to town as well.
In the evening we watched a movie called “Finding Neverland” and it was great. Issa and I cried like maniacs :p …
Moving on to Monday.. Shopping again and I walked Issa to the station and she took a train (13.55) back to

And now its Tuesday and I have to clean the house..

The next trip will be to London I think, so see u there Issa 😀



1 kommentar

  1. anni said,

    november 14, 2006 den 6:55 e m

    låter som en nice helg! själv var man på norrlands nation och härjade.. fick se raymond & maria uppträda, fick foten söndertrampad av en tjockis med stilettklackar och bjöds på gratis piroger.. guld! vad hände med dina bilder, du lägger inte upp dem längre eller? vore kul att se iaf :] hoppas allt är braa! puss & kram


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