The 21th of December!!

Hmm.. its been a while.. don’t know why actually.. Anyway, I’m to tired to tell u anything.. but I just wanna say that I’m going home the 21th of December 😀
And tomorrow at 17.55 its
Southampton time. Yes I’m going to Issa again.. We are going to London on Saturday!! Its gonna be great!!

So hmm.. I have to go to sleep.. I might tell sum about the weekend while I’m in Southampton..



What about al these buspeople??!!!

Yesterday I took the bus downtown to meet Kasia. There was a lady at the bus stop and she started talking to me.. Friendly I thought.. And when we went of the bus she asked for my email, I thought she was a cute lady who wanted to have contact with a girl like me from Sweden, and I didn’t mind.. But when she said that I was pretty and that she had 2 grandsons who were really nice and they were NOT married I new that there was something more behind :P. Basically she picked up my email for her grandsons.. Ehm.. You are probably laughing now if you know that I have a “problem” with these buspeople.. They seem friendly at first but there’s always a catch! And why do I always bump in to them??

Anyway, I met Kasia and we took a coffee at Starbucks, actually a coffè mocha (Delicious mocha chocolate, espresso, steamed milk and whipped cream. No cold or sad day can resist its power). We sat there for a while and then we went out to see when they switched on the Christmas lights. Everything looked really expensive cus there was a big scene and live bands, a lot of Christmas lights al over the city, around 4 huge TV screens that showed the livebands and there was FAKE snow (foam) that was flying in the air! Even though I thought it was too early for al of this it was fun to see how the people are celebrating Christmas in another country.

I started to watch a film called “The French Line” on TV today but I didn’t had the time to finish it cus I had to get the children.. It was from 1954 I think, very nice.

Oooh I haven’t really told u guys yet that I’m going back home to Christmas.. Probably the 22th of December. Just so u know 😀


I’m like a sponge!

Hehe.. Well.. I went to Kasia in the evening.. I was al dressed up for a night out but we stayed at home. We actually started watching Marry Poppins! It was hilarious 😀 !!! Haven’t seen that movie for ages. Anyway we didn’t watch the whole film cus we went upstairs to her room and started talking instead.. Maa gaaad it was funny.. She is really nice. At 22.50 we walked to the bus cus I was heading back home.. The thing was that the bus didn’t got there the time I that it would.. So we stood there for around half an hour, but it was ok cus we bought kebab and had fun :p
When I walked from the bus home there was a man in front of me on the road and he stopped and started talking to me. He obviously had went on the same bus as I so he asked me if I have had a nice day out etc etc.. (he was a nice guy not a disgusting one, its better that I say that so u know :p). We talked about the buses, cus the last bus stops going around half past eleven and we both thought that was really stupid, cus al the nightclubs are closing around 2-3 so u have to take a taxi home.. So we were just complaining 😛

Anyway, my feet are al soaked cus in a strange way they get really wet in al of my shoes.. They are like sponges.. :S really annoying.

That is it for tonight.. I’m tired and I’m going to bed now.. But tomorrow its Sion Corn Sunday and Switching on the Christmas Lights night. Its when they are turning on the lights on the Christmas tree in town.. And Swansea Christmas Craft Market is opening tomorrow as well. Sweet! I will meet Laureen and Kasia down town for a coffee and some Christmas shopping maybe and we will watch it when they are turning the lights on.

Kiss kiss.

Issa, Cardiff and Party Balloon!! :D

Hello. Its been a while since I wrote last time.. sorry.

Well, this weekend was really great. Issa came to visit me 🙂 and we went to Cardiff on Saturday morning and stayed all day. It was nice and I bought shoes (yes I know I already have a lot of shoes.. :p), gloves and a bracelet.. Not much but it was quite expensive al of it. We ate fish and chips and took a coffee at Starbucks. And we manage to eat some of the cakes that we ordered on Starbucks as well, ma gaaaad it was good but very solid (vet ej om solid är rätt ord)..
We took a lot of pictures during the time in
Cardiff and a lot on the bus back home. The bus got late half an hour cus there was a rugby match at the same time which caused a lot of traffic. But a boring bus trip home resulted in an awesome night out in Swansea. (We took a taxi from the bus station home and the taxi driver thought that we were sisters, and that was really funny cus we had just talked about that on the bus :P) Anyway!!! Back home we changed clothes and went to Kasia for a kind of a pre party. Then we walked in to town to Monkeys. We also went to Idols, Que Pasa, Yates and Walkabout. But when we came to Que Pasa Kasia took a taxi back home and Issa and I ordered a Party Balloon – “Sex on the beach”. It was a drink for four people but the bartender said that they didn’t have any glass left so we had to drink it from the jug. Ive never seen such a big drink in my whole life, but we manage to drink it up 😀
Back home we fell asleep right away.
On Saturday morning my head felt a bit heavy but we took a walk down to the sea. We picked shells and swore at those fucking dogs that were running around us without a leash!!!! We walked in to town as well.
In the evening we watched a movie called “Finding Neverland” and it was great. Issa and I cried like maniacs :p …
Moving on to Monday.. Shopping again and I walked Issa to the station and she took a train (13.55) back to

And now its Tuesday and I have to clean the house..

The next trip will be to London I think, so see u there Issa 😀



I noticed that my writing haven’t been so regular.. But, better soon than ever right.

Its 12.06 and I have cleaned the house. I’m tired as usual and I still have a bit of a cold. I hope this week will go fast cus Issa is coming on Friday!!!! We are planning on going to the Outlet in Bridgend (between Swansea and Cardiff), and then go back home and then in the evening go to Cardiff to party. If it’s possible we are going to The Hard Rock Café in Cardiff. That’s the plan of Saturday :). And on Sunday I think I will show her the beach and the sea.

Well today its English, it will be fun to se Kasia and everyone.

Se ya!

Light a candle..

Hmm.. Today I went down town.. That’s the thing I do when I don’t have anything else to do I think.. Waste money.. I also went to a church and I light a candle for grandpa, it felt ok, but it was really hard.. Just for a moment every thing stopped, it got very silent and I just sat there thinking for a while.

In the evening we went to the neighbours house cus it’s the Annual Fireworks Display tomorrow, so they had a pre thing, like a lot of other people in the neighbourhood. So there was punch, candy and fireworks of course. But it was really scary cus the fireworks didn’t just go straight up in the air, they had a own life :p One flew in to the other neighbours garden, and the sticks that the fireworks are attach to flew around and fell here and there in the garden, and one kid got a hard paper thing in his face from one of the rockets. So I decided that if I wanted to live, the best way to do that was to get inside and watch a movie. So I picked out the worst movie ever, “Broken Flowers”. Do not, I repeat Do not se that! :p

Anyway, I’m tired now and I have to get up early tomorrow cus we are going to Ikea and then get to the airport to pick up the rest of the family. So see u later.


Hmm.. Don’t really know what to say. Hmm.. Maybe I can say one good thing and one bad thing. The bad thing is that mum is working on Christmas evening.. The good thing is that Issa is coming to visit me soon, to be more precisely, 10-13 November.


Snow in Sweden!

Well hello.

Maria, Felix and Joel went to Sweden today so it was just me, Oscar and Amanda at home. I took them to a park for like 2 hours or sum. It was quite nice but I think I have to start wearing my winter jacket cus its really cold now, but not so cold as it is in Sweden I have heard. Snow, how wonderful 🙂

Now I’m “working” cus Faron is on a party somewhere.. I’m tired so I’m going to bed soon when the children are sleeping.