Tired, tired and tired. I think its because I have the children the whole day now, and going to have that the week out cus its half term (lov).

Anyway, today its Halloween. I painted the childrens faces and they went out trick or treating. There’s a little bit of Halloween decorations in the house and we have a scary pumpkin in the front of the house.. I’m listening to White Stripes and I’m bored. I didn’t want to go out trick or treating cus I don’t feel well, my throat is itchy and as I said, I’m tired. So my duty is to give the children some candy when they are knocking on the door.

Hmm, I was wondering, al the grownups says that you’re NOT supposed to accept candy from strangers. So how can they let the children out and let them accept candy from people they don’t know.. Tricky tricky..



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