Swedish girls and a milk drink..

Back from a nice night out. I went to Kasia first and then 2 Swedish girls came. It was really funny to see some people in my age from Sweden. We went to town and the two girls showed us the party street. And HELLO, why have I never seen that street before?? It was a whole party street. Wooii 😀 The first really nightclub we went to served me a White Russian with only milk.. and my stomach went crazy, it was only milk! No one in this country knows how to do a proper drink.. They even ask u if u wanna have like baileys instead of kaloua in your White Russian. And they don’t know that u have to have salt and lemon to the tequila. 😛 But the shoots are cheap, only £2 or less.

Anyway we went to like 3 places but we stayed at a club called Yates at the end cus they were playing music from the 80s. Really nice. Then it got late and Kasia had to go home so I went with her and I took a taxi from her place.. I was polite and started talk to the taxidriver and I said that I was from Sweden and all that.. We came to a crossing and I said that he should turn left and then he said “You are from Sweden so let me do the driving”.. :S ooook… And he turned left but after that he turned right (the WRONG way) so I said to himm “Sorry but I think I live in the other way, up the hill” and I pointed to left.. The taxi-fucker-driver tried to screw me!!! Just because I’m from Sweden doesn’t mean that I don’t know where I live! So I said “ooh I’m just from Sweden and I let u do the driving but I live in the other direction” hihi. It was ok, the trip only cost like £3,50..

And now I’m really tired but I’m going out on Wednesday to Monkeys (the first club we went to, its like a chill out club) with the Swedish girls and Kasia.

See u .. Sleep tight.


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  1. anna said,

    oktober 23, 2006 den 9:43 e m

    Becca! Anna här. Tänkte bara att jag skulle skriva lite till dig, dels för att jag inte har så mt att göra och dels för att jag aldrig gjort det förr 😛 Låter iaf som en kul kväll du hade, minus äckliga taxigubben. men jag kan ju meddela att jag i lördags minsann drack en RIKTIG white russian 😉 deru! Och när du kommer hem får du beställa in många så du glömmer de dåliga ”drinkarna” där borta. Hehe. Nejdu nu ska jag sova! Ha det så bra så hörs&ses vi. Puss!


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