Kasias birthday party!


I came back for about 20 minutes ago, I’ve been at Kasia cus she had her birthday party today. It was really funny cus there was just girls and a big chocolate cake
🙂 . And my god that cake tasted good. Later the other girls were going to a pub and I went for a while but then I decided to go back home… I was tired and we decided to meet tomorrow, perhaps a nightclub or sum..

And I don’t feel so bad at all right now, a little headache but the nose is oki 😛

I’m going to sleep now.. and don’t ask me why I’m writing on English.. it can be cus after a whole night out with only English talking girls u get all messed up in your head.. I’m actually thinking in English now



1 kommentar

  1. oktober 21, 2006 den 1:57 e m

    Aha, se där, nu rullar ju Engelskan på, jag visste det!
    Snart går det nog bra utan choklad tårta och pub också (men det underlättar ju alltid)!

    Keep on ”messing up your head”
    Kram MIcael


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