Tired, tired and tired. I think its because I have the children the whole day now, and going to have that the week out cus its half term (lov).

Anyway, today its Halloween. I painted the childrens faces and they went out trick or treating. There’s a little bit of Halloween decorations in the house and we have a scary pumpkin in the front of the house.. I’m listening to White Stripes and I’m bored. I didn’t want to go out trick or treating cus I don’t feel well, my throat is itchy and as I said, I’m tired. So my duty is to give the children some candy when they are knocking on the door.

Hmm, I was wondering, al the grownups says that you’re NOT supposed to accept candy from strangers. So how can they let the children out and let them accept candy from people they don’t know.. Tricky tricky..


Sunday haircut.

I went to the sea today. And that was my only intention but I also accidentally found my self in the city. So after I went to the sea I went shopping for a while. I also got tired of my hair, so now I have a nice haircut, homemade 🙂

A really nice Sunday actually.


The last two nights has been really weird. I woke up around 5 o’clock both nights cus the TV went on in my room. And I found the remote control in my bed. And I don’t really know how it got there. And the TV gets a green screen first when u turn it on so it was really freaky.. So for now on I will put the remote control in the drawer :p

Btw, I didn’t went downtown today, because of the weather and I was to tired.. But I hope I can do it tomorrow, if the weathers fine.

Bye bye.

Computer guy.

Oh sorry, I didn’t write yesterday. That was because I was really tired last night.. We had a guest here on dinner and he was here to help faron with the computer. I painted a lot last night but in the end I ended up with the computer guy and we talked a lot.. He was really pleasant. So it was fun.

Anyway, today I’m going to town. Think I will by some Christmas presents.. I don’t think I have the time when I’m in Uppsala to do that..


The Notebook.


It was ok weather today, I climbed up and sat in the window and watched the sea.. The sun was shining but it was quite windy.

Its half term next week so everyone is going back to their parents so I’m al alone here. Not funny at al.. What am I going to do?

I think it’s time to go to sleep soon cus last night I didn’t went to sleep before half past one (it’s not so much better now, 00.19). I watched a movie called The Notebook. Oooh it was so beautiful, it was al about love and oh my god, I cried a lot. I think it’s probably one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Anyway… Sweet dreams.


hmm.. I was, as I said earlier, supposed to go to the Monkeys today but I changed my mind cus the weather is awful and I felt like having a nice time in bed watching a nice film or sum.. Just chill out I think.. Its really shity cus the buses are not going so often here as they do in Sweden. If I want to go downtown, the last bus there goes at 18.35 and that’s very early.. And I just don’t like the fact of taking the bus cus you are so dependent of it.. I don’t understand how people can live after a timetable :p

Cinderella story..

Today I haven’t done anything funny at all.. Clean the house, wash the clothes, pick up the children and go to English lesson. It almost sounds like a Cinderella story.. 😛 The happy ending would bee that I can lie down in bed and watch Peter Pan with a big piece of cheesecake 🙂


Gah, I haven’t been able to write anything because the internet has been like hmm not working. But that’s ok cus I haven’t done anything specific anyway so.. hehe .. The weather is awful, its raining and raining. My skin is like a sponge :p

Anyway, now when the internet is back I can stay up just to feel the energy of it hehe. I’m talking to Fredrik who’s going to school soon (its morning there), feels really nice to talk to him, but when he’s leaving I thing I will go to bed to. I’m feeling kind of tired when I’m thinking about it..

Bye Bye

Swedish girls and a milk drink..

Back from a nice night out. I went to Kasia first and then 2 Swedish girls came. It was really funny to see some people in my age from Sweden. We went to town and the two girls showed us the party street. And HELLO, why have I never seen that street before?? It was a whole party street. Wooii 😀 The first really nightclub we went to served me a White Russian with only milk.. and my stomach went crazy, it was only milk! No one in this country knows how to do a proper drink.. They even ask u if u wanna have like baileys instead of kaloua in your White Russian. And they don’t know that u have to have salt and lemon to the tequila. 😛 But the shoots are cheap, only £2 or less.

Anyway we went to like 3 places but we stayed at a club called Yates at the end cus they were playing music from the 80s. Really nice. Then it got late and Kasia had to go home so I went with her and I took a taxi from her place.. I was polite and started talk to the taxidriver and I said that I was from Sweden and all that.. We came to a crossing and I said that he should turn left and then he said “You are from Sweden so let me do the driving”.. :S ooook… And he turned left but after that he turned right (the WRONG way) so I said to himm “Sorry but I think I live in the other way, up the hill” and I pointed to left.. The taxi-fucker-driver tried to screw me!!! Just because I’m from Sweden doesn’t mean that I don’t know where I live! So I said “ooh I’m just from Sweden and I let u do the driving but I live in the other direction” hihi. It was ok, the trip only cost like £3,50..

And now I’m really tired but I’m going out on Wednesday to Monkeys (the first club we went to, its like a chill out club) with the Swedish girls and Kasia.

See u .. Sleep tight.

Kasias birthday party!


I came back for about 20 minutes ago, I’ve been at Kasia cus she had her birthday party today. It was really funny cus there was just girls and a big chocolate cake
🙂 . And my god that cake tasted good. Later the other girls were going to a pub and I went for a while but then I decided to go back home… I was tired and we decided to meet tomorrow, perhaps a nightclub or sum..

And I don’t feel so bad at all right now, a little headache but the nose is oki 😛

I’m going to sleep now.. and don’t ask me why I’m writing on English.. it can be cus after a whole night out with only English talking girls u get all messed up in your head.. I’m actually thinking in English now


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